#hefindschic LA!

Booking a last minute flight to LA to surprise your BFF for her birthday? DUH. I’ve been MIA for a hot second (I know two weeks bitches) BUT I get to share SO MUCH EXCITING STUFF WITH YOU ALL. The first is #Hefindschic LA! Clearly we had the best time braiding each other’s hair, talking about boys, and, wait we are 28, I mean MEETING boys, drinking alcohol, and cruising on the freeway like Cher & Deon. (if you don’t get that reference…umm #idk what to say). WATCH CLUELESS IMMEDIATELY MABYE??

My uber cool, chic, fabulous, gorgeous, SoulCycle instructor (you HAVE to take her class if you’re in the LA area, I’m still #dead), fitness model, actress, singer, SHE JUST WINS AT LIFE OK, BFF Lindsey Simcik moved to LA about a year ago leaving our NYC life together (I cried everyday for the 28 days leading up to her departure my eyes hated me and they’re my best feature #loss) lives in the #chillest part of Venice Beach. I got to explore Venice, Santa Monica, and Newport Beach and all the effortlessly #chic lifestyle it has to offer. FIRST VENICE!

I’m breaking up the trip into different posts, so stay tuned for more to come on #HFCLA!