#helistenschic | KYEKYE

You know when you randomly find a song that totally gets your emotions gearing and going? Suddenly you’re like, “repeat, #PLEASE.” Then you realize that you should probably just listen to other songs by that same artist. Well that’s exactly what happened to me when I discovered KYE KYE.

The Estonian-born group consists of siblings Alex, Olga & Timothy Yagolnikov who hail from Portland, Oregon. Olga, the lead singer, is married to Thomas Phelan who rounds up the group.   Moody vocals, electronica sounds and catchy empathetic lyrics are what sets them apart and puts them at the forefront of the Indietronica scene.

The group released their first independent album titled Young Love back in 2011 which featured moody hooks and folk-electronica beats. After gaining some recognition for their music, the group started a kickstarter account and grossed over $40K to come out with their sophomore album, Fantasize, in 2014 released under Valga Records.

In my opinion, Fantasize is what put this group on the map. Not only is Olga’s voice hypnotizing, but the lyrics combined with the electronic sound of guitar and keyboards is enticing. Like poetry, the lyrics suck you in to another world of moody lust and love. Whether it’s relationship issues, daily life struggles or trapped feelings, we all need an escape and you can’t help but feel every ounce of Olga through her masterful interpretations of the songs. When an artist connects to their work so much, you’re connected, too. Did I mention that these songs also provide the perfect soundtrack for your adventures in the city? The pauses and breakdowns are all you need while you’re running to catch the next subway, taxi, bus, black car, limo, etc. Top songs on repeat are #seasons|2am #her #hidingplace #people #honestaffection and #honestaffection|remixb

Be sure to catch all of my favorite KYE KYE hits on #helistenschicaugust & #helistenschic playlists currently up on the #helistenschic Spotify account.