Holi-GAY Decor Tips on @Almost30 Podcast!

Hi Guys!

Hope everyone’s week is going well! I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with my bff Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams, hosts and creators of their bomb ass podcast called Almost 30, to talk about some cool, mod and of course chic, Holi-gay decor tips for this year! Is anyone else with me that they cannot even BELIEVE that it is the holidays already?! Where did Summer goooo?? I do love me some holi-gay cheer so lets break it downnn so you can have the coolest mod décor this season.

If anyone else is with me on this one too, I am SO over the traditional décor ideas. Red and Green overload, Poinsettias galore (I loathe them, no I’m not kidding, I really loathe them. Ask Lindsey ever since we were little I used to scream at my mom if she even brought them in the house #gaygenesincedayone) And those usual dam holiday wreaths that your mom hung up every year that had a giant ass red bow on them. Like we get it, it’s the holidays. Can we try something different? Like holiday mod vibez pa-leasssse!

We all want to be cool for our holiday fiestas and will look on Pinterest probably for hours to find the perfect décor ideas from food to cocktails to home décor to make sure you got that holiday party vibe on fleek. Well I got some goood ideas for you. Let’s break it downnnn.

I’m OVER the traditional green and red. Why does holiday décor need to be revolved around it? Rule #1- THERE ARE NO RULES. Who cares about red and green. This year I’m switching it up and making in more mod by picking a color or two and rolling with it. Silver and white are always going to be classic for holiday décor. Why? Because snowflakes are white, Santa has a white beard and because they compliment any color or theme.

POP Color
Pick one or two of your favorite colors. For me, I love blues. You can do this through your alcohol bottle choices, ornaments and lights. Pair it with classic holiday colors of silver and white which will always compliment your color picks. You can always add in a mix or black plates or stemware to the mix for a darker-mod vibe.

Tree Décor
Continuing with your POP color theme choice. Bring this to your tree décor. Find ornaments that are blues, silvers and whites. Also, try strands of white lights instead of the typical green. It’ll definitely give your tree a mod personality and look good with your POP color ornaments.

Bar and Table Décor
I love a cool bar or bar-cart to house the much-needed drinks for my holiday party. I always feel like I put everything together and it looks nice, but that it’s missing something. This year I’m trying something new. Find your favorite cool paper. Take a sheet and cut it to fit your bar top or bar-cart. It’ll act as a cool décor feature and makes for easy clean up the next day with all the spills that’ll happen. Here are some great and inexpensive options to choose from.

Wrap it Up
Instead of the typical snowman and reindeer wrapping paper, why not try wrapping gifts in some modern paper. These speckled patterns are sure to get a reaction from who’m ever your gifting to.

Wrap your Books Too Boo
That marble and speckled paper can go one. Step. Further. If you’re anything like me I’m obsessed with coffee table books. I am also obsessed with not having them spilled on or destroyed at my holiday party. Take that paper and wrap those babies up. It’ll protect them and just be one more feature for your holiday décor.

Place Settings
Sticking with the marble trend, these paper plates from harlowandgrey are sure to be a hit for any holiday themed party. Modern, cool and easy clean up.

Sticking with your POP color theme, find florals to match. For blue, there aren’t many options or they’re super ug’s. In my case using blues, I’d choose some fab white florals. Plopping them in a blue vase and then adding some accents of pine branches will be perfection for any floral accent. Whether this goes in your bathroom, bar-cart or table area. Remember it’s all about the contrasts between the colors. 1 POP with your neutrals of silvers and whites.

If You Can’t Find…
Anything that are in these pop colors or are on a super budg this year, just buy glass spray paint. Buy your POP color(s), white, silver and metallics. Spray paint your wreath, some pine branches, ornaments, whatever you want, just not your food plates or utensils, obvs. You can literally go to Michael’s and buy glass vases for little to nothing. They always have coupons too, so be sure to check their website.

Plate Settings
Get some cardstock from your local craft store. Cut it down to name card sizing of your liking. Then choose your POP color and metallic paints. Fold the name card so in half. Then flip it over to the folded part and dip it in a paint color. Just enough so that some paint drips down the card. Wait til dry. Then take your metallic paint and do another little dip. The two colors will run into each other and create a cool mod name card. You can also dip the bottom part in the metallic paint for a extra added look. Take a piece of holly, berry stem, or pine branch leaf and place on your plate. It’ll be sure to add some modern charm for every guest’s plate.

Straw Foam Tree
Super easy and quick DIY x-mas tree. Buy a foam cone. Then buy your favorite holiday straws (sticking with your theme still). Literally hot glue the straw to the cone and together down the back and the sides. To go one step further you can cut the straws to add dimension to your tree and add another color for every other branch layer. Just start cutting from smaller to larger going down the cone tree. It’ll add the dimensional look of layers of branches for your tree.

I hope these holi-gay tips work for you to add a cooler and much more modern holiday décor for your parties this year! Would love to see how they turn out, so send me some pics!