As most things happen in life (or if you’re addicted to your favorite Instagram feeds such as I am; GUILTY)  I came across this geometric chic image and was immediately drawn in.   Completely unaware that I was about to think a quilt was chic..I know, A QUILT, but even these quilts deserve their plaque of chic on the wall.  LOUISE GRAY is the vision of Alexandra Gray Bennett & Jocelin Johnson. How did these two come together? Through the powers of social media of course! NO, I’m not sure, but who cares because they’re serving us with quilt-chicness that I never thought could have EVER existed.

Alexandra has a family background in quilt-making and Jocelin, a graphic designer, came together to form what is the epitome of quilt chic.  Their eye for minimalist design and pattern, mixed in with the art of hanging them for sculpture is perfection.  Leaving no details unnoticed, these 100% cotton and supreme loft batting quilts which are handmade in the US, can be used for their origin purpose of warmth and comfort, but also as pieces of art.  Alexandra & Jocelin designed the chicest quilt hangers to match showing off these beauties in all their glory.  The wall hangers (just as chic) are made of hickory wood (multiple finishes offered) with either black or brass bolts.

Their quilts have even caught the eyes over @CB2.  They’ve collabed to bring a limited stock of throws and pillows. Check them out here!

Whether you’re looking to dress up your sofa or find an alternative to that “accent” wall paint color, why not try one of these quilts instead, would you?

BTW their insta is just as you would expect, #chic. Follow them @louisegray_studio