Vignettes for the Summer

Summer is HERE and I always like to do a little refresh to my apartment for it. I recently just repainted my living room back to white to go with my fireplace and switched up my navy accent wall to black. I LOVE the results! The black and white color theme serves as a clean and rich canvas for all my accessories and styling craves.

I’ve had a lot of interest in my tulip head. It’s a JA Muse candle that I burned down. Side note | the candle is NOIR and it is one of my absolute go-to candles for that perfect balance between a masculine and feminine scent.  The candle wax is also black, so you can’t go wrong.  Once the candle burns out, your left with the muse piece of pottery.  I just take my tulips, cut them to where their heads are just a tad sticking out.  The reason is that they’ll GROW. I’m not joking, the tulips will actually grow taller like hair. It’s so bizarre, but so cool to watch every morning!

POPS of Orange and Purple to add into the mix of black, white, and grey tones.

OBSESSED with my new hairy succulent!

Literally just cut the ends of the tulips on an angle and lied on their side. It adds that DRAMA I crave for in my place and it’s soo easy to do! The acrylic tray from CB2 is the perfect base to showcase the tulips and coasters to their full potential and their POPS of color.

Layering is something I’m really into right now. I love to layer with a color story in mind.  I’ve been working on something for the last year that I’m super excited to show you all! It’s a series that I’m going to be launching soon.  The art and photographs are all made and taken by me.

Also, I just took a simple black wax pillar candle and placed it on top of the studded piece of pottery to make it a candle holder.  It allows you to play with the idea of height & depth variations.  This offers your vignette even more interest and has your eyeballs moving around all over.



I’m really into a POP of neon too lately..why not pink?

Hope this inspires you for some quick and easy vignette styling ideas 

Happy Pride weekend NYC! Be safe #lovewins