Contrast to Winter? SPRING

Do I even dare to say it..I think we’re out of winter and into spring, CAN I GET AN AMEN?! How can you not love spring? The start to everything new in your year. New goals, new inspiration, new ideas and the season of TULIPS! My all time favorite flower. They just go with anything, come in some many colors and styles and really add that extra bit of chic to any space. They also give me so much happiness when I walk into my apartment and wake up in the morning. Don’t you want to just go run out and by a bunch for yourself now? Also, you literally just plop and drop them into any vase. Speaking of vases I have a few new ideas I want to share with you guys.

I got this muse candle from Jonathan Adler and was drawn in with the scent (noir blanc, to die) but also that once the candle burns out you wipe our the excess and use it as a piece of pottery, double win. I was placing tulips in my favorite vase and saw my muse heads staring at me with all 7 eyes saying PLEASE DONT FORGET ABOUT MY JUST BECAUSE I DONT GIVE YOU A DELICIOUS SENT ANYMORE and I was all like, NO MUSE I WOULD NEVER FORGET ABOUT YOU! I had some extra stems of tulips and cut them down super short and pretty much just gave muse a tulip-chic hair style. The ironic thing about muse and his do isn’t that he looked a-musing (sorry I had to) but the tulips legit GREW! Muse’s tulip-hair is growing everyday it’s kind of crazy. Take a look at the before and after photos of the last 3 days. He may need a trim by tomorrow I think.

I wanted to give my mantel a little bit a nature-love, but didn’t want the green of the tulips to be distracting and look out of place with the rest of the black and white vibe I have going. To balance out both ends of the mantel I took a black pot-holder and placed it under the muse vase. This gave it that added contrast and balance with the rest of the mantel and made muse and the tulips POP even more I think.

Try out florals in any object you have that can be a vase. You’d be so surprised at how weird-cool it can turn out. I’d love to see too!