Layer It Up Mantel Style

A solid apartment in NYC is like finding your soul mate.  A lot of first dates and a lot of what my friends and I say “HE’S NOT MY HUSBAND”. Just when you think you’re screwed you find THE ONE.  That’s what happened for me. My apartment, not my husband, still looking for that one.  Inside? A rare gem that you can only wish to find within your rent budget. A fireplace and high ceilings, DONE.  It was like winning a double lottery. Side note can we talk about my fireplace real quick.

  • Advantages to having a fireplace- Looks chic, is great for decor and styling, adds so much character.
  • Disadvantages to having a fireplace- It’s non-working. Sometimes little bits and pieces will just fall off and you’re like wait wtf? The worst is that in the winter when you’re freezing your ass off and you would love nothing more than to have your fireplace to do what it’s actually intended to do, you know provide heat, besides me dressing it up all year long like it’s my #mychicdoll. Yeah, not chic. Sorry just had to vent.

ANYWAY, I really wanted to make it a focal feature in the rooms overall decor. I’m on this layered kick right now, so I wanted to role with it and try some new options.

Let me know what you guys think!

Also, the song is All The Monsters by Coleman Hell. Check him out.