Marble Me #chic

What once was the word we used to describe a childhood game most of us played with or probably put in our mouth’s #guilty, now has a new definition. Marble is now a cool, urban, and #modernchic print we are seeing everywhere and on everything. The print of classic carrera marble has been seen all over from high-end fashion designers and their stores to affordable finds from HM Home, marble is changing the #stylegame everywhere. So, why marble? I think the undeniable answer is simple, it’s #chic. It’s clean, organic, modern, and offers a sort of casual effortless elegance we’re all looking for.   Did I mention that it’s a natural stone and will forever be timeless? This being the case, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite marbleized items to help get you on the #marblechic wave.





HM- Ceramic Plant Pot $15

STAMPD- Carrara Windbreaker $175

Far Fetch-Zanerobe ‘Flint lock’ Marble Tank Top $59

ASOS- Marble Tie $18

ASOS- Icon Brand Edo Marble Ring $46

Vans- Marble Authentic $55

Uniqfind- Marble iPhone Case $25

Uniqfind- Marble Macbook Skin $25

Uniqfind- Marble Notebook $25