Menotti's Coffee Shop| Venice Beach

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Right near the V E N I C E sign is Menotti’s Coffee Stop. First off, they serve crack. Ok, not actual crack, but the coffee will make you want to swing from that dam Venice sign. The vibe is for sure #chicapproved with a hint of BK coffee shop style vibes and love. The interior is just as cool with a color story of clean white subway titles, brown reclaimed wood and black steel, vintage inspired signage and accents throughout. They also have this #retrochic bicycle that I almost started riding around, but then I remember I wanted to be allowed back the rest of the week.  *Also, I KNOW I HAVE HOLES LITERALLY COMING OUT OF MY ASS…  they’re from my days when I worked at HOLLISTER&CO. [YES, I KNOW] were perfect for the Venice Beach vibes.

The coffee bar is like an actual bar. No, like for real, it is. The barista, who by the way was totally cute and tatted and could be my future bf but he doesn’t know it yet, freshly makes your whatever and actually pours and measures everything out in a jigger. Served up coffee cocktail? Check. There’s then a small little bar where you can add all the usual shit we all put in our coffee, unless you’re a hardcore #chicbitch and take it all black. The bar has international coins on the surface top from all over the word covered by a glass top. (stealing this design idea THANK YOU).  Basically this place is just the shit and you need to go there when you go to Venice to take your CLICHÉ VENICE PIC.

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