Welcome, You've Clicked for #chic

You’ve clicked for #chic.  In design we have the freedom to be creative and evoke emotions through our art.  Working within the design world as an interior designer allows me to see and experience this everyday. I wanted to create another outlet, though.  One where I could actually speak the language of #chic through words and pictures.  So what is #chic? It’s quite simple, actually. Impeccable design, effortlessly cool fashions, game changing products, visceral music and mouth watering food. I envision it as a “dictionary of chic.”  A sort of hit list of things- both tangible and intangible- that offers the #chicfactor.  Once you start following this blog, you’ll get what I mean. If you just finished reading this post, you’ve already allowed for #chic to come into your life. Welcome in.