#hetravelschic | The Black Beach of Vik, Iceland

If you have been following my posts, it is probably pretty obvious at this point that black is my color of choice.  So you can clearly imagine my excitement when I discovered the black beaches of Vik . This magical place is definitely in the top five on my #hetravelschic list.

Close to the shoreline are large, protruding basalt rocks that have been pounded by the seas over the years.  The black beaches that stretch along the shores are made from eroded black basalt sand.  If this mythical island isn’t awe-inspiring enough, the Katla volcano also lies underneath.  Cliffs and caves play neighbor to the rougher seas surrounding the island, and provide insane vantage points to stop and take in the beauty.  The sandy shores are also home to a variety of wildlife, including one of my personal favorites, puffins. Aside from being a highly evolved and fascinating species, puffins also totally #chicapproved with their black, white and grey coats.

With cool, wet summers and milder winters, Vik offers the perfect setting for exploring and shooting.  Black beaches, caves, cliffs and puffins? How could you not want to visit this mystical island?





Photo Cred | Jon Reid